2. Jun, 2017

Our Project is about Recycling

Our project is about #recycling
We turn unwanted clothing and materials into crafts, accessories, soft furnishings and other items.
We do this by running community workshops, offering people the opportunity to join with others to learn and share skills, make new friends and enjoy a creative atmosphere that builds confidence.
Our workshops are accessible to people of all ages, abilities and skills and can be targeted to individual groups, craft skills or item makes - all with a focus on upcycling and recycling.
The project is funded through sales of items we make and fundraising efforts.
We have recently purchased new sewing machines (thanks to customised apron orders) that allow us to welcome more people to our workshops.
*We want your support.
Our new fundraising target is £500
This will be used to fund additional workshops in the community.
There are a number of ways you can support our project:
*Buy one of our makes -
You can find us at events - these are announced on social media
*We have a selection of items on our website: www.tigergreentextiles.co.uk
*If you want one of our customised items - bunting or aprons - email us your requirements: toni@tigerprojects.co.uk
*Take part in our current Raffle - pinned post
*Visit one of our stockists:
The Shop at Sneinton Market
A Stone's Throw, Mansfield Road, Sherwood.
*You can also contact us about purchasing any of the items we post on Facebook.
*We are also happy to take donations - please contact us if you want to make a donation.
*Spread the word - share our posts with family and friends and help us to spread the word about our community recycling project.