12. Jan, 2017

Textile Recycling Workshops – what are they all about?

Tiger Green Textiles is a community project run by Tiger Community Enterprise CIC, who support enterprise and local organisations to grow.

The textiles project takes unwanted fabrics, clothing and haberdashery and recycles them into a range of crafts, gifts and soft furnishings.

We encourage volunteers from the local community to come and join us in our quest to recycle the donated materials. Working as a team we pool ideas and skills to produce some lovely items, turning ‘rags into riches’.

What’s in it for our volunteers?

Apart from the fun and opportunity to make new friends (some would say the most important part), there is also the opportunity to learn new skills and build self confidence.

Whether you’ve never used a sewing machine and would like to start, or have skills already, there is always something to learn – a new sewing technique, what that machine foot is for that you’ve never used, a different way to construct a bag etc.

There are lots of opportunities for volunteers to flex their creative muscles, and share ideas.

Then there’s the feel good factor. You are doing your small bit for the planet – recycling and reusing materials reduces the pressure on landfill sites, it also saves resources, as it uses less energy to recycle materials than it does to produce new materials. You are also supporting your local community.

We are working in partnership with R.E.A.C.H (Reaching Everyone And Changing Horizons), friends of Disability Direct Nottingham. Our workshops are designed to empower participants and encourage engagement across all abilities and ages.

Our community workshops are free to attend. In order to fund the costs of the project we sell the products we make. Participants can purchase items they make at the workshops for a donation to the project. We also sell through our online shop, our etsy shop, direct sales and via The Shop at Sneinton Market. We will also be attending events over the coming months.

We are always happy to talk to supporters who want to find out more about the project or offer donations. You can get in touch with Toni at Tiger Community Enterprise for more information – toni@tigerprojects.co.uk

You can also connect with us:

Facebook: TigerGreenTextiles

Twitter: @TigerGreenTex

Website: www.tigergreentextiles.co.uk