3. Nov, 2016

Progress so far

We've had loads of fun at our Workshops and Community Making Days.

It's so great to see all those smiling faces as our participants learn something new and make new friends. Gossiping about sewing techniques, how they learned to craft, sharing ideas and what they've made in the past.

Everyone has been pitching in with ideas and trying out new things.

Some of the results are now available to buy in our store, all proceeds contribute to running the project.

Big thanks to our partners REACH (reaching everyone and changing horizons) and Disability Direct Nottingham who have provided the venue, which is perfect for our disabled people.

Our next dates at Disability Direct Nottingham are:

Saturday 12 November - 11am - 2pm

Saturday 26 November - 11am - 2pm

Saturday 10 December - 11am - 2pm

Our workshops are free to attend and all abilities and skill levels are welcome.

Let us know if you are coming:



email: toni@tigerprojects.co.uk