26. Jun, 2016

Tiger Green Textiles launching September 2016

Hello  Big Grin

Welcome to Tiger Green Textiles.

Ths is a recycling / upcycling project managed by Tiger Community Enterprise CIC.

Our workshops will launch in September 2016.

We will be working with a range of groups in the community to produce delightful products for sale.

The raw materials will come from donations of fabrics, clothing, haberdashery and craft materials from supporters.

We will take those raw materials and turn them into wonderful pieces of art or crafts. Saving them from landfill or incineration and giving them a whole new lease of life!

Join us on our journey.....

Do you run a community group that would like to get involved?

Do you have a bag of clothing you've been meaning to donate to a worthwhile cause?

Do you run a business that has surplus fabric / clothing / haberdashery (maybe seconds or ends of lines or customer returns) and would like to put them to good use?

Get in touch with our Project Manager, Toni Jarvis: toni@tigerprojects.co.uk